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Anonymous said: Hi Sam!
I stumbled across your blog a couple of days ago and I've practically read through it. I found that your writing style is clear, concise and addictive. Love that you have what I think is a great approach to make up.
I have what seems like a million question but I hope you’re willing to answer a few. Now, let me start by saying that I have just about the worst canvas in the world for makeup. By that I mean my skin is oily on the outside but dry on the inside, if that makes sense. I’ve found a great skin care line, but I’m still trying to figure out how to get makeup work for me, as most things seems to have difficulty staying on my face.
Now the questions:
1. Could you do a foundation tutorial with a brush using Revlon? I’m really interested in learning how to apply it without looking cakey or stiff. I can afford MUFE but not for everyday use.
2. Where is the line to stop applying foundation/powder? Between jaw and neck or right down to the neck?
3. What is the best brush for foundation? I read that you use Stigma, but we don’t have that over here (I live in Indonesia) but we do have MAC, Shu Uemura and most other mass big brands.
4. Is it advisable to use old make up brushes?
5. I have very high maintenance facial skin and only KOSE skin care works for me. My daily routine includes toner, day serum and then at night toner, night serum. When do I apply primer, after skin care or in between?
6. Is it advisable to dilute foundation? If yes, with what? Doesn’t that disturb the staying power?
7. I would love to use mascara, but I’ve never found one that can stay on me for any amount of time. This is not because of my short Asian lashes as I’m the only one in my (big Asian) family who can’t wear mascara! Do you have any advice for this? Is this because I have very oily eyebags and lids?
I hope that’s not too much! Any advice would be a big help. I’m tired of looking like a blotchy nightmare in pictures!
Xxx, Nita.

So glad you like the blog!

  1. Think I’m gonna try out my new tripod set-up and do one this.  Check my YouTube channel after the weekend!
  2. I always bring foundation down under the chin and partway onto the neck.  This ensures the best blending of color between the lighter skin on your neck and the darker skin on your face, and greatly minimizes the stark contrast that may occur between the two.
  3. If you don’t have Sigma, I’d check out either the Sephora Professionnel Platinum #55 Airbrush for light to medium coverage, or Philosophy The Supernatural Airbrush Brush for sheer to full coverage.  This second one is basically a fantastic, smaller version of my favorite Sigma foundation brush (actually, I like it a bit better…), but the brush head is about half the size, meaning that it may take a bit longer, especially if going for full coverage…
  4. As long as makeup brushes are well cared for, they can last you a good five to ten years (as a consumer; pros replace theirs much more often.)  Just like your own hair, however, if brushes have not been well cared for, they have have split or broken fibers and be harboring bacteria, the first of which can lead to uneven application and skin micro-abrasions, and the second of which can lead to contamination and infections.
  5. Apply primer after all skincare but before any makeup to lock in moisture and use it to its full efficacy.
  6. I wouldn’t say it’s advisable to dilute foundation, however, it is quite possible and many people do it.  My first choice, though probably not the most feasible for the average consumer, is to use an actual foundation thinner (like this one from RCMA), although these often work better with cream foundations and can become quite oily if you use too much (often, a single drop is sufficient).  Otherwise, you may simply mix your foundation with a basic moisturiser to reach your desired level of coverage (I never personally advise doing this, but it is the hardest to mess up method of turning a high coverage foundation into a sheerer version, and is probably your best bet if you’re not totally confident in your blending/application skills).  Just make sure that if you go this route, the foundation and the moisturiser both have the same base (ie. either both oil-based or both water-based), as if you mix the two, they will assuredly separate within a few hours, leading to blotchy, curdled foundation.
  7. I’ve never been big on lash primers, and don’t think they really work all that well, so the only other option I can suggest is to only use waterproof mascaras.  To double-up, try priming your lids and setting with powder to help stave off the oil for at least a while longer, which will definitely help the wear-time of any mascara.
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